Terms & Conditions

Please read these before placing an order.  By placing an order, you are agreeing to abide by the following Terms and Conditions. 

Collection of orders

When an order is placed, we will agree on a collection time.  If you are running late, please let us know ASAP as we may be able to reschedule your time slot.  Failure to collect your order within 20 minutes of the agreed time slot could result in your order being disposed of and no refund provided, as we cannot always guarantee refrigerator space to store your order beyond our agreed collection time.

Orders and payment

Full payment must be received before your order is considered confirmed.  For larger catering orders we will issue an invoice for a deposit of 50% to secure the booking, with the final payment due 14 days before the order is due to be collected.



Any cancellation should be advised in writing to Didi & Dot as soon as possible.

Should you decide to cancel the booking subsequent to paying, no refund will be given, regardless of the reasons you decide to cancel the booking.  We will endeavour to accommodate changes in dates and collection times however this is entirely at our discretion.


Allergic Reactions

Didi & Dot cannot guarantee that any items supplied by us are completely free from nuts, nut derivatives or other ingredients to which customers may have a serious allergic reaction. We would therefore advise anyone with a severe allergy to nuts or other ingredients does not consume food provided by Didi & Dot.

If you or someone consuming your order has a food allergy, you must notify us when placing your order so that food can be prepared and labelled appropriately.


Food handling and storage

All food supplied by Didi & Dot must be refrigerated, consumed or disposed of within 4 hours of the agreed pick up or delivery time.  This is in the interest of food safety.  Didi & Dot cannot have any control over food storage once it has been picked up or delivered, and therefore cannot be held liable for any consequential incidences of food poisoning or other incidences.

By placing an order, you agree to take responsibility for the food once you have collected it.

  • Food may be kept at room temperature (or above 8 degrees Celsius), away from radiators or other heating appliances, and out of direct sunlight for a maximum of 4 hours, and must be discarded after this time.

  • All chilled food must remain in a refrigerator and be kept chilled below 5 Degrees Celsius for a maximum of 48 hours.