Before placing an order please read our Terms and Conditions

What is a graze box?

A graze box is a parcel of deliciousness for sharing with your favourite people.  Each box contains an abundance of beautifully presented, tasty nibbles.  Boxes typically include any combination of cheeses, cured meats, antipasti, crackers, dips, fruit and vegetables, nuts, sweet treats and much more.

Our creations are a feast for the eyes as well as the taste buds, combining different colours and textures to create a beautifully presented treat for you and your guests.

How should I store my order?

Due to the nature of the food in a graze box, it is important to store your order correctly in the interest of food safety.  Your order can be kept at room temperature (or above 8 degrees Celsius) for a maximum of 4 hours.  If you have any leftover food, I would recommend that you dispose of it after this point. 


  • We will keep your order chilled up until your allocated collection time, ensuring that you have a full four hours to consume it. 

  • You're also able to refrigerate your order after collection and consume it within 48 hours. 

  • We would recommend that you keep your food out of direct sunlight and away from any radiators. 

Please note that once you collect your order, it is your responsibility to store and serve the food in a way that is safe and hygienic.

Where and when can I collect my order?

We will agree a collection time when you place your order, and the address for collection is 17 Larch Close, Burghfield, RG30 3SH


Please be prompt to collect your order as we cannot guarantee that we can refrigerate it beyond this time.  Please contact us ASAP if you are running late and we will endeavour to reschedule your collection time. 


We reserve the right to dispose of any uncollected orders with no refund provided.