About me

Inspired by two amazing women; Didi and Dot

People often ask about the name of the business; Didi and Dot were my grandmothers – both fierce and kind women who were amazing cooks in their own right.  Didi’s food was influenced by her childhood in Indonesia, and Dot was making Kombucha long before the hipsters cottoned onto it.

But, I am Emma.  I grew up in beautiful New Zealand and moved to London in 2012; then in 2015 my husband and I moved to Burghfield where we have since expanded our family with two little ones.  Career wise I am a writer who’s worked in local government policy, research in the railway industry, and now as a freelance bid writer primarily in the healthcare sector.  

I’ve always has a passion for creating healthy food and consider one of my greatest achievements to be convincing my northerner husband that salad CAN be a meal!

Didi & Dot is my lockdown baby and my chance to express myself creatively while meeting fabulous people!

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